Jan 072014

Here is the original blog post over at Lumberjocks.com

Shoe Bench 2

So now I know I want a shoe bench, the next step is to see what I can find. I like to make things but if it turns out I can find the perfect bench a dime a dozen that drops right in, I’m gonna buy it. And if I don’t find one for a dime, well at least I’ll get some ideas about what to make. The first place to look of course is the internet, a quick google search for shoe bench and shoebench turns up quite a few possibilities. Unfortunately most of them are too much money, too much ugly, too much low quality, too much the wrong size, and just too much wrong.

So I’m gonna make my own (you probably guessed that part being that this is a blog on lumberjocks).

So given that I’m gonna make it myself it’s time to look for some ideas. It looks like shoe benches come in mostly two styles, the shelf style and the cubby style

And of course no search would be complete without searching lumberjocks

There is this one and this one and this one and this one and this one.

All excellent benches, some close to what I’m thinking about, some not as much.

I’m definitely leaning to the cubby style bench. I know my kids, if I build it, they will fill it. If I build a shelf style bench it might keep the shoes off the floor but the shoes will end up tossed on the shelf in a mixed up pile, not on the floor but not much better. A cubby style it is.

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