Feb 182014

I mentioned in an earlier post I had found a video on youtube of someone else using an EggBotBoard to drive a drawbot. That was pretty exciting because most of the drawbots out there (and maybe we’ll find later for good reason) are based on the Arduino / Adafruit motor shield combo. Since I decided to use the EggBotBoard it was good to find a kindred spirit that had already blazed a trail.

I left a comment on the video asking about what software was used and Wilba6582 responded and sent me a bit of code. I’ve just started to look at the code but from Wilba’s comments in the email he sent the code is targeted for the Processing environment and as shown in the video actually parses a file and drives the drawbot.

I’m posting the code here along with Wilba’s release. As I dig more into the code I’ll decide how much can be used as is, how much needs to be updated, and how much needs to be re-written wholesale. Part of my problem is that I’m not fully familiar with the Processing environment so I’ll need to take a moment or two to figure that out.

In the meantime I’m working on mounting the motors and electronics on a portable rigid surface (think piece of wood) so I can place the whole package above the surface I want to draw on, plug it in, and draw away.

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