Jun 072012

Like apparently so many others we can’t get our blinky_pov to program. Perusing the BlinkyPov forums shows we are far from the only ones having problems programming the blinky pov.

I’m not thrilled with the technical feedback from Wayne and Layne either. Try turning off the lights, try turning on the lights, try using a different web browser, try using a different device, try turning the contrast up, try turning it down, and then the final pat answer, contact tecnical support through a private email. Hmm, I wonder how many of the frustrated blinky pov owners ever get the programming to work. We tried all of the advice, it turned out using the browser on a smart phone did actually work once or twice. None of the laptops, netbooks, multiple LCD monitors at home or work ever worked to program the blinky pov. Something aint right. Of course the icing on the cake is the final final pat answer from W&L, We have thousands of successful and happy blinky pov owners who are not having any problems. I wonder if that is true or if the majority of blinky pov owners just give up in frustration.

Now, with all that said, I am not giving up. The blinky pov is a cool little device and if it can be made to work it’ll be a neat little trick. Fortunately W&L have released the blinky pov as an open source project…. time to start digging.

Blinky Pov Design

Blinky Pov Source Files

Jun 072012

Wayne and Layne have put up a nice series of photos and instructions on building the BlinkyPOV, ala LadyAda over at Adafruit. Following these instructions and using a reasonable soldering iron (not a hot pointy death stick like I learned on), my 14 year old assembled the BlinkyPOV in about a half hour, maybe a little longer with some Q & A. We took the assembled BlinkyPOV, added batteries, and bada-bing, symbols and words flashing through the air. It was pretty cool. We high fived and buttoned up for the night with a win.

BlinkyPov Through Hole Build Instructions