Jan 072014

Here is the original blog post over at Lumberjocks.com

Coat Locker 1

The box is made out of 1/2 inch plywood throughout with 1/4 by 3/4 hardwood edging. The similar colored pieces are either identical or mirrors. All of the joinery is either dados for the box or half lap for the edging.

The edging is 1/4 inch thick hardwood edging instead of veneer edge banding. The hardwood will stand up to much more abuse as shoes are thrown in on a daily basis and it will give a small bit of stiffness to the 1/2 inch ply of the box.

I liked the rounded top on the original design but since I’m using 1/4 inch thick edge banding I would need to steam bend the edging to curve around the rounded top. In this case mitered corners serve and are much easier to create.

And again here is the sketchup model so far to date. I will be adding final dimension and a cutlist and layout.

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