Jan 072014

Here is the original blog post over at Lumberjocks.com

Shoe Bench 7

If the fun part was the joinery, the miserable part was the assembly.

The bench has 22 sliding dovetails, two 12 inch half blind dovetails, and 8 through mortises that all have to be glued, lined up, and slid together all before any clamps could be applied.

This would have been a good time to have some long open time glue and a cool day. Instead I was using yellow PVA glue on one of hottest days we’ve had all summer. It was clear some of the glue was drying before I could get the clamps on. I did get it all together and clamped up and there was squeeze out on most of the joints so the glue must of still had some life when I clamped it up.

If I were more patient I probably could have done the glue in stages, the ends, seat, and shelves. Then come back later and put in the dividers.

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